About us

Citta Statement of Purpose 2009

Our world faces political, economic, social, and environmental concerns unique to the 21st century. The divide between the rich and the poor is ever widening. Parents watch helpless, as their children die of starvation. Children watch their parents die of treatable diseases. The tragic combination of a lack of education, poverty and a shifting global climate elicits desperate measures.

Inflation threatens to undermine even basic food sources for families struggling to survive. We no longer see this on the television; we are now aware this desperation has the potential to reach our doorsteps. For people without access to medical care, a slight fever that has the potential to take their child’s life can and does eclipse anything and everything.

We all share the same world and we all share in these events either through our action, indifference or judgment. Citta, derived from the Sanskrit word for “mind” but more importantly, the mind associated with the “heart,” encourages the ability of everyone, through action, to make a positive difference and to know the joy that lightens one’s heart as well as the many hearts around the world.

Once the daily fear with which people live is shed, they are more able to focus on opportunities, which offer hope for their futures. Once the necessity of proper medical care is fulfilled, people are able to think about tomorrow as well as their children’s futures and not just the immediacy of their situation.

Citta has developed a holistic and adaptable method we refer to as the HEED model (Health, Education and Economic Development). We connect with communities in some of the poorest and most remote areas of the world, taking into account the lack of access to proper health care and educational opportunities as well as weak or nonexistent economic development that can lead a community into a never-ending downward spiral. Citta works to remedy the specific needs of a community, to produce an environment of equanimity and stability and one that provides opportunities and a sense of initiative and pride in its inhabitants.

Join us in these efforts and see updates that will make you an active part in creating a stable world for all of us to share!

Thank you,

Michael Daube
Executive Director, Citta


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